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The new generation software



SoapSynergy is de first software for movement analysis that focuses on movement behavior.


• Measures flexibility, coordination and stability;
• Provides the state of health of the movement system;
• Contains real-time feedback, analysis and reporting modules;
• Can be used for any task at any location. 

In this way, with smart data, we respect the individuality of each individual. Now and in the future.

Connect science, move on.


SoapSynergy provides real-time feedback, analysis and reporting of the measured movements. Our software can be used for top sport, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and scientific research and provides a deepening and gives you more insight into further treatment for recovery after an injury.

We offer two versions; SoapSynergy Complete and the SoapSynergy Customized. With SoapSynergy Customized we can determine together which analyzes are interesting and which best suits the user. SoapSynergy Complete displays 10 movements analysis.


We use a compact wireless system of IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensors that are easy to use.

Measurement level

We can analyze performance measurements as process measurements. The results are reported both numerically and graphically.


SoapSynergy is the first stand-alone software and provides insight into why someone shows a certain performance and how this is achieved.

The software links prevailing principles in the domain of human Motor Control and is now easy to use in the daily practice. This also provides a unique opportunity to gain insight into exercise behavior and how you can manage it.



The user and client can follow real-time feedback of the movements while using the software. This is useful for seeing what is happening during the movement and responding to it. We can provide feedback on coordination, stability and correlation (coherence/coupling) between motion segments in all motion directions.

Data review

After the session, all registrations that have been made (offline) can be evaluated. The software provides both graphical and numerical information about various analyses.


The results can be generated into a report for the user. This is done in a PDF format and can be for example added to the (treatment) file.