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Health of the movement system

Health of the movement system

What is health? The ability to adapt (The Lancet, 2009)

We want to start a change in the paradigm of how underlying control principles are looked at when performing different skills. We are behind other countries and there is a very rich world of knowledge! 

At the moment, the reasoning is mainly based on traditional biomedical thinking with a component dominant approach (biomedical thinking). It is assumed that functions are linked to components and these are somehow knitted together to see what can be done with them. And this is a limitation if you look at how rich people move. It's not just muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. Movement is largely dependent on the control and interaction of all these components, controlled and organized by our fantastic brain…..the neuromotor system.

When you start from this, you can see movements from the system biological thinking; the interaction dominant approach. This opens up a wealth of information for our software to display. This behavioral science opens the way for a creative physiotherapist.