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About us

About us

Jurjen Bosga, Founder & CEO

Jurjen completed the bachelor's degree Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 1975, and Manual Therapy in 1978 at the Hogeschool Utrecht. After graduating, he started working as a physiotherapist and has worked in primary care for over 45 years. In 2008 he completed his dissertation “Managing Redundancy at Multiple Levels of Motor Control” under the supervision of Prof. dr. R.G.J. Meulenbroek.

Since 2008 he has been working with Prof. dr. Ruud GJ Meulenbroek to make knowledge from fundamental research available for practice. Jurjen has published various articles, gives courses to both master physiotherapy and psychology students and gives lectures to professionals and is founder of Soapweer B.V..

His promotion was the reason that Jurjen started developing innovative software applications that should bridge the gap between the prevailing principles in the field of Motor Control and daily practice. Jurjen does fairly controversial research and does not choose the beaten track. His position is that behavioral change is only possible if the perception changes within a certain context. Change the perception or change the context and you get motor output for free. 

Anne Bosga, CEO

Anne studied Human Resources Management, has completed the pre-master's Health Care Policy and Management and has been working as a Practice Manager in primary care for years. She also has a lot of experience in giving (group) fitness classes. She has recently also started working for Soapweer B.V. as Managing Director.

From the HRM point of view you can show an organization as a chart, clear and well-arranged. This contains all the hard lines of what an organization looks like. But what's more interesting is what interaction is going on between all these lines. If these are not well organized or if they clash, the synergy in an organization is lost or ultimately unsustainable. In HRM, the principle that you can approach organizations as a (self-organizing) complex dynamic system has been known for years. Economies, the climate itself ant colonies are also known as complex systems. It is therefore very interesting that this approach has not yet been used in practice from movement research in, while other fields, such as health care, have already made some steps in this direction. SoapSynergy puts this into practice and we want to introduce the enrichment within exercise behavior in this way.

Martijn Kooij, Software developer

Martijn does the software implementation of all these ideas. An enthusiastic developer, with a lot of knowledge and a solution-oriented approach. For the development of SoapSynergy, he focuses on an innovative Windows software solution.

Previously he was mainly concerned with "what" he was going to make, but in recent years he has become more and more involved in learning "how" he should make things. In 2017, the Open University completed the software architect training.